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Products - Fiberglass Products

F05005  Fiberglass pipe wrap tissue
F05005 Fiberglass pipe wrap tissue

Fiberglass pipe wrap tissue is mainly used as base materials for anti-corrosion wrapping on steel pipelines.

F05006  Fiberglass Battery Separator Tissue
F05006 Fiberglass Battery Separator Tissue

Fiberglass Battery Separator Tissue is mainly used as substrate for lead-acid battery separator plates.

F02020 Polyester Mat
F02020 Polyester Mat

Polyester mat is an ideal substrate material for asphalt roofing rolls and shingles

F02005  Combination mat
F02005 Combination mat

Combination mat can be used to produce FRP products.

F11002  Glass Wool Tubes
F11002 Glass Wool Tubes

Glass wool tubes mainly used in room, noise-canceling system

F11001  Glass Wool Plate
F11001 Glass Wool Plate

glass wool plate is a kind of strong solidified plate keeping good temperature preserving

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