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Products - Fiberglass Products - Other Fiberglass Products - F13019 Rubber plastic foam material


Model No.: F13019

Product Name: Rubber Plastic Foam Material

Product Decription:

Rubber plastic foaming thermal insulating materials are produced by the cutting-edge technology introduced from abroad

and the automatic production line, with nitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride in excellent performances as the main materials

and via special processes of banburying, sulfuration, foaming, etc. Its main characteristics are as follows:
With closed foam structure and low density, the products are in low thermal conductivity, water vapor permeability and water absorption and good flexibility,

and they are easy to be used in construction.

The products allow a wide temperature range for application from -40? to 105?, with good age resistance, and the

fire resistance performance is up to the national standard level B1.

The products come in well integrity and elegant appearance, and are environmentally-friendly thanks to the compliance

of the national environment protection requirements from production to installation.
        With the above characteristics, the products are widely applied to various kinds of vapor pipelines in refrigerator rooms for central air-conditioning,

buildings, ships, vehicles, etc. to realize heat insulation, and the product performance turns out to be very favorable.
        The products are of good pliability and flexibility, thus can be used to produce handle covers and other covers for fitness equipment,

medical equipment and household products.

Note for application
*The thickness in the table refers to the common pipe operation thickness (under normal environment).
*Thickness shall be increased under the conditions as follows:
The application environment temperature is rather high; the engineering pipe diameter is big;

the relative humidity is big and the medium temperature is low; the place for pipes is easy to produce condensateion.
*Thickness (economic investment) reduction could be taken into consideration under the conditions as follows:
The temperature in the room is well controlled (constant temperature, constant humidity); the pipe distance is short without the consideration of loss.
*The insulation product thickness is over 1 inch (25mm) and it adopts overlapped and multi-layer package till the required thickness.
*In case the pipe’s outside diameter is over 89mm, the board product is recommended for uses.