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Products - Nonwoven Product - spunlace nonwoven - NONA41 Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric




Model No.: NONA41



Product Name: Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric



Brief Description:


Spunlace nonwoven fabrics using high-speeding and high-pressure running water jet fabric webs,

make fibers re-arranged, entangled with each other, then form a complete structure which has a

certain strength and other properties.


Fiber webs won’t be squeezed in production process, thus enhancing the leavening degree of the final product.


Don’t use resin or adhesive, thereby maintaining the flexibility inherent of the fiber network.

A high degree of integrity of the product avoids the phenomenon of fluffy. Fiber webs have a high

mechanical strength, base fabric after compound, made into composite products. According to

different uses could making products with different functions.




1/ soft, good drape

2/ good strength

3/ high moisture absorption and rapid-wet properties

4/ low fuzz balls

5/ wash well

6/ chemical-free additives

7/ look similar to the textile




1/ Medical. Surgical gowns, surgical drop cloths, surgical cloth, sticking wound materials,

bandages, gauze, band-aid, etc.

2/ Cloth. Baby clothing, training clothing, etc.

3/ Wipes. Household, personal, beauty, industrial, medical dry wipes, etc.

4/ Decoration. Automotive interiors, home interiors, stage decoration, etc.

5/ Agricultural. Greenhouse insulation, anti-weed growth, harvest cloth, pest fresh cloth, etc.

6/ Complex Machining. Developed a multi-purposed new composite material.




Material: polypropylene or polyester or viscose

Weight: 10-300g/m2 (per square meter)

Width: 2.8-350cm

Color: customize

Country: China

Special specification could be customized.